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Best Cleaning Company of Miami is dedicated to providing the finest most detailed cleaning to customers who know the importance of keeping a clean, healthy, sanitary environment in their home and offices. Best Cleaning is a family owned family ran business.We strive to be the best at what we do and work hard to prove that we are the best in these cleaning services:

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Helpful Cleaning Tips 
cleaning glass stovetops
Clean glass top stoves with baking soda and hot soapy water.
Sprinkle baking soda on glass top
​ Wet rags with hot soapy water and lay on top of baking soda
            ​​Let stand for 15 to 30 minutes​​
Wipe up and buff with microfiber cloths​

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Use anti-microbial doormats.​
​A substantial amount of all household dirt and harmful pollutants enter the home right on the bottom of your shoes! Every time you wipe your shoes on a common doormat, you could be stepping into a reservoir of microbial growth. Think of it as a "convention" of unwelcome guests at your doorstep. This all season utility mat effectively traps and zaps the nastiest odors and allergens keeping your home clean. Anti-microbial doormats is infused with an antimicrobial formula which creates a positive charge that starts to disable the nasty odors from microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, mold) on the mat on contact. Remember to put one underneath the litter box also.
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Always keep Vinegar in the house for cleaning

There are over ​100 uses for cleaning with vinegar.The active ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid It is a safe non toxic way to make cleaning easy and effective. Anything from removing hard water stains and deposits to cleaning coffee pots. Mixed with water and other household items, vinegar makes a great cleaning solution.
                  ​But there are some things you should not use vinegar to clean. Do not use vinegar to clean:
                  1. Any natural stone, tile, or granite counter tops  (acid in vinegar may cause etching or pitting) ​
                  ​2. Irons (vinegar may cause damage to internal parts)
                  3. Egg stains or spills ( vinegar causes egg to congeal)
                  4.​​ Some stubborn stains like grass, blood, ink stains, etc. (should use detergent with enzymes in those cases
                  5. wood and wood floors (jury is still out on this one but at this time we can not recommend vinegar to clean or brighten woods appearance at this time)
                  Tip: Heinz sells a cleaning vinegar which  instead of having 5 percent acetic acid, it has 6 percent, which boosts the strength by 20 percent.​​

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Most recent cleaning tips​
Benefits of using a toilet sprayer

There are ​many benefits of using a toilet sprayer.
                        1. More sanitary and cleaner when cleaning the toilet bowl ( by using water pressure to clean the toilet there is no need to keep a bacteria laden ​toilet brush next to where you do your business. You will still need the brush to clean the toilet about once a week but you can keep the brush in an out of the way place. I keep my toilet brush in the air conditioner closet.)
                        2. ​​Hygienically superior cleaning after using the toilet (all the bidet benefits plus it is mobile to get the exact spot you are aiming)
                        3. Greener for the planet (by using less toilet paper. The only toilet paper you need is for drying. A towel works best eliminating all toilet paper.

                        Extra tip when using the bathroom​​:
                        Please remember to close the lid before you flush the toilet​. Just as you cover your mouth when you cough. Every time you flush with the lid open tiny particles of bacteria are released into the air, which can spread flu symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting etc. So the safest bet is to keep the lid closed. You may want to make sure your toothbrush is in the cabinet also.

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How to clean (sanitize) a sponge

Sponges are made to clean dirty and soiled surfaces. But that same sponge can add bacteria to those surfaces you are trying to clean. Actually a sponge that looks clean can harbor germs, yeast, and spores.It is a good idea to sanitize (notice I did not say clean) your sponges at least every four days, especially after cleaning your dirty cutting board after it has been used to portion raw meat. I tried to number the cleaning methods from the most effective to least effective way

The following methods can be used to sanitize your sponges :

  1. Microwave method:  Put sponge in microwave for 2 minutes starting as wet as possible. Add half a glass of water with the sponge to protect the microwave emitter. Also remember to allow the sponge to cool.
              2. Dishwasher method:  Leave sponge in the wash and dry cycle.
              3. Soaking method (bleach):  Using hot water and 10% bleach leave soaking for 5 to 10 minutes. Remember to rinse well.
              ​​4. Soaking method (vinegar): Using full strength vinegar for 5 minutes.
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Cleaning toilets with vinegar
Forget about the harsh chemicals vinegar and baking soda can do the trick! 

Over time mineral deposits can build up on shower heads and sprayers. This will cause the nozzles to clog resulting in poor water pressure.

​​Fill a plastic bag with cleaning vinegar and wrap the shower head attached to the pipe coming out of the wall. You may secure Secure the bag using tape, a rubber band etc. Leave the bag around the shower head for a few hours or up to overnight. Use an old toothbrush to make sure every nozzle is clear and fully functional. Rinse off.

​​​If your shower still has low flow you may need to clean the filter.

When all else fails replacing a shower head is quick, easy and may reduce your energy and water bill​. 

Cleaning Shower Heads and Sprayers

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